Cafeteria on the Green

Personal Poems

Poetry  cafeteria on the green

We opened for business

before the first frost came.

A five-star restaurant

in a two star shed-

hands down,

the best location in the neighborhood.


Rusty nails showcase the soiled aprons

of children who make cannolis

with nothing but the freshest oak leaves.

A supply of the finest mud pies in this part of town

and pasta carefully sautéed with the rusted foliage

of a tasteful autumn.


We told them

that they’d be back for the crème bole,

and we were right.

Because the next time around,

they asked for seconds,

so we gave them a little extra-

on the house-

and sprinkled it with the same pinch of innocence

our parents gave us

when they told us

to open for business.

Poetry  cafeteria on the green Poetry-_Cafeteria_on_the_Green.jpg